20s30s // Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Last Saturday Night, nearly 40 signed up for a ‘Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?’.  The idea was simple, you sign up for dinner, and then grouped into groups of 6-8 and you went off and get to know a few people a little better.

Well done to the secret couple who slipped in under the rader, taking 10 years off their age!

Here’s a few snaps of the groups that took photos – the others were simply having too much fun!

Guess Who's Coming For Dinner 1


Guess Who's Coming For Dinner 2

Dinner at the Lyttles

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Here’s what some of the guests thought:

“We had a fab night on Saturday, Twirties Committee, well done for organising, great idea to encourage fellowship and mingling :)”

“Great to mix with different ages and stages, people I wouldn’t usually hang out with”

“Would love to do it again”