New to HRBC

Home groups have been a feature of this church for many years, and like many churches their significance and potential in church life is gaining recognition and growing in importance and particularly as they seek to establish or re-establish their congregations as authentic biblical communities.

The traditional view of church is that it is somewhere that you go each Sunday to worship, pray, listen to a sermon and go home and come back next Sunday. For many there may be little or no contact with fellow believers in between. This way of doing church can lead to a superficial and isolated Christianity that is so far removed from the New Testament pattern.

The New Testament gives us a picture of a community of caring believers who met in large groups for corporate worship but who also met in small groups in their homes. Essentially the home group structure gives the opportunity to model this more closely, where we can care for one another and encourage and support one another in a way and to a depth that is impossible in a large gathering. This is a central part of our church’s vision – that those who are being saved become part of a biblical community.

Home groups provide opportunity to do a number of things including:

  • Meet others from the church family and get to know them in a more informal environment
  • Study God’s word and be encouraged as we learn from each other and seek its practical application
  • Develop practical care and concern for each other and apply the “one another” commands of the Bible
  • Pray and care for each other especially at times of particular need
  • Develop some accountability for each other as we grow in faith together
  • Pray for mission, ministries and leaders of the Church
  • Help discover and use your spiritual gifts
  • Encourage each other to tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Have fellowship and fun together.

The goal of the home groups is that they become a place of growing trust, a safe place and a place where you will be accepted, supported and helped. Places where you can be open, honest and real and find encouragement on your Christian journey.

Currently we have ten home groups running that meet either on a Wednesday or Thursday evening in the first and third weeks of each month. We also have a group of teens and twenties who meet on Monday evenings.

If you would like to join a home group or need further information contact the church office.