2030s – Up and Coming in March 2012


Hope you are all doing well! Check out what’s coming up at HRBC, hopefully you’ll be able to get along..

Girls Book Club – Monday 5th March // 7:30pm // *change of venue* to the Macs’
The girls will be drinking herbal tea and eating cupcakes and talking about Chapters 7+8 of Practical Theology for Women.  If you haven’t been able to make it so far, it’s still not too late to join in, and even if you can only come for a while you’d be most welcome.

IronMen – Tuesday 6th March // 6:15am for 6:30am start on Bible Study // Johnny Mac’s
The men will be rubbing sleep from their eyes, getting caffeine kicks and eating bacon and cream cheese bagels, while discussing chapter 6 of Doctrine, ‘Covenant: God Pursues’.  There’s been a lot of good chat and challenge over the past months, and what a great topic to get a grasp on this month, even a good one to join us for the first time.


Scaletrix and Chinese – Saturday 31st March // 2:30pm – 5:30pm //  TT models, Newtownards
(For more detail or directions http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/tt-models-newtownards)
Many of us grew up getting a scaletrix set at Christmas, so here’s the chance to race against each other on a 6 lane track.  Please note the time in the afternoon, making it a ‘bring your own child’ friendly event.  If you have children please feel free to bring them along, I’m sure they’ll get a race or two as well.  Having been before it’s also a great chance to get to chat to people while the competitive juices race.  There will be an informal chinese buffet as well.


The cost of the whole event is £10pp, which includes your racing and your chinese and other snacks.  If you are coming and do not want to race but want to eat and mingle it’s a snatch at £5.
This event is not just for families, so if you’re like me you can still come along and fight it out for 2nd place in the racing.  We need you to sign up and to pay up in advance, you can give your name money to me (Keith) on next 3 Sundays.


Baptism Enquiry Evening – Wednesday 14th March // 7pm // the Loft
Finally, Johnny is holding a Baptism Enquiry evening with a Baptismal Service on Easter Sunday.  If you feel led in this way please come along to find out more or if you would like to chat through the issues beforehand please speak to Johnny or Jenny at the Bookclubs.