2030s Update – January 2012


Girls Book Club – Monday 16th January // 7:30pm // Lindsay Holley’s
The girls will be drinking herbal tea and eating cupcakes and talking about chapter 5+6 of practical theology for women. If you haven’t been able to make it so far, it’s still not to late to start coming, and even if you can only come for a while you’d be most welcome.

IronMen – Tuesday 17th January // 6:15am for 6:30am start on Bible Study // Johnny Mac’s
The men will be rubbing sleep from their eyes, getting caffeine kicks and eating bacon and cream cheese bagels, while discussing chapter 4 of doctrine, ‘Image:God Loves’. There’s been a lot of good chat and challenge over the past months, and what a great topic to get a grasp on this month, even a good one to join us for the first time.

“Back to Youth Club” Social – Friday 17th February // 7:30pm // HRBC
Tuckshop, megadrives, tabletennis, pool, footy, cooking, craft, it’s all going to be there, and we hope you are there too! A great chance to relive some of the memories of the past, and get to know a few more people. There’ll be something for everyone. It’s also a good one to ask friends along to who may not have much interest in church. Don’t forget to bring some pocket money for tuckshop and for pizza at end of night.

Week of Prayer – Wed 4th to Wed 11th Jan // 8pm //HRBC
We want to seek God more in 2012, and starting with a week of prayer, we’d love you to join with us, as we pray together. The 20s30s are heavily involved, so it’d be great to support them, here’s what some of them are getting up to

  • Wednesday: praying with your house groups, or else in fellowship room
  • Thursday: Keith is leading as we pray around the church, through the organisational leaders. Great chance even to find out more of what goes on.
  • Friday to Sunday: Praying continuously in Prayer room designed by Jeff & Joy and our LIT’s. Sign up for an hour, sheets in the foyer, or let me know and I’ll slot you in. Great to do alone, or with a friend or with the family.
  • Monday: Lindsay is leading as we pray around our community.
  • Tuesday: We’ll be praying for Kate Dodds and Paul & Tania Baker.
  • Wednesday: Jenna and Joy will be leading the prayer and praise night. A great finale to what’s hopefully a great week.