Free For All

This weekend is the first of the three “Free For All” Sunday nights and we would love to have you along at 6:30pm.  After looking at the questions texted in so far we are going to be answering two questions on the night, “Are Christians serious that Jesus is the only way to God?” and also tackling “Why does God allow bad things to happen good people?” These are two massive topics and Dave Ramsey, director of Baptist Youth, will be tackling the first qestions and then we will be interviewing Craig McMillen to see from personal experience what he has learned since being paralysed from the neck down in a school rugby game 10 years ago.

We will also be having led in worship by guest band ‘the secret room‘ so it should be a great night.

To round things off we will be having the first of our themed food nights from around the world, this week it’s USA.

A great night to come along to, and a great night to ask a few friends aswell.  See you there!