Home Groups Launch Night

Life On The FrontlinesHome groups are an integral part of church life where people meet in small groups for fellowship, bible study and prayer.  They meet on the first and third Wednesday/Thursday of each month and many people find them a great way to get to know people in the church.

This term the Home Group committee are launch the new series, ‘Life on the Frontlines’ on Wednesday 3rd September at 7:45pm.  If you are already in a home group or if you would be interested in finding out more, please do come along.  You can also fill in an enquiry slip in at the Info Desk.

So what is ‘Life on the Fontlines’?

You want to follow Jesus. You want to be like him. So how do we help one
another follow Jesus faithfully and live for him fruitfully in today’s world? This
six-part series for small groups, Life on the Frontline, is a stepping stone to
help people become aware of the imaginative possibilities of the mission that
God has for them – wherever they are – and to start to live them out. It’s all
about Frontlines.

Your Frontline is the place where you spend the majority of your time
outside the church, where you are in contact with non-Christians, where
you are with people who need to know the love of God.

This really matters. Less than 7% of the population in the UK goes to church.
Yet God has sent his people into the world to be salt and light. Christians are
exactly where they need to be to serve him. Often, though, they don’t realise
how significant their everyday context is to God. Or they’re not confident God
will use them rather than someone else. Or perhaps they feel ill equipped for
the task. Our world needs God’s people to make a difference where they are.
So we need to help one another grow as disciples and encourage one another
in life and mission on our Frontlines.