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We have three great nights coming up where we will be exploring what the Bible has to say about technology, suffering and heaven.

Technology is all around us, from our cars to our kitchens to our gadgets. We will be looking at how technology had both positive and negative impact on peoples lives in the BIble, and how it can have similar effects on our lives.  It’s a night to be encouraged to examine how technology is influening us and to allow it to be a good slave rather than a bad master

Suffering likewise is all around us, and we all know the pain and sorrow that go along with it. This night will be exploring what the Bible has to say and how we can apply that to our lives.

Heaven is awaiting us who know Christ, and many of us have questions about what it will be like. We will be taking a closer look at what the Bible says and how that will motivate us to use our time on earth well.