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amazonIf you use to order gifts – you can earn commission for Kiwoko Hospital simply by going to the Amazon website via the hospital’s website: (Click the link at the bottom right.)

If you have Amazon in your Favorites, why not replace it with the Kiwoko link so any time you buy from Amazon, the hospital gets the commission, and you don’t even have to remember! Just visit the page and click the ‘Add to Favorites’ button..

 The hospital are also raising money by selling alternative Christmas Cards:

Happy Christmas from Kiwoko Hospital Uganda!

Buy a Christmas card to help the work of Kiwoko Hospital.

This year we are selling alternative Christmas gift cards again. We are trying to raise funds to replace our very old machine for sterilising instruments for surgery and for fencing some of the hospital compound (to keep animals out and hospital property in.)

If you’re looking for something different than a pair of socks for dad again this year, how about some chain-link fencing!

The front of the card festively features some of the hospital staff beside our old broken steriliser.

Kiwoko Cards

The wording inside the card says:

“This card represents a donation made in your name to the new Fence and the new Steriliser at Kiwoko Hospital.”

If you are interested in getting some of the cards, the person to contact is Elaine Elborn –

The suggested minimum donation per card is £5.

Thanks for all the ongoing support.

And Happy Christmas to you, from all the team at Kiwoko