Meeting Point 2013-14

The first Wednesday of the month (September to May) at 3pm sees the “just a little bit older” element of our congregation coming together.  Afternoon tea is served and sitting around the tables there is a great buzz of conversation as we share about family and friends.  A time of praise follows.  Old and much loved hymns are always sung with great enthusiasm; now and again we even try one of the more modern songs of worship.

Here’s our schedule for the coming year – it would be great to see you!

04/09/2013 – Victor Maxwell Acre Gospel Mission
02/10/2013 – Salvation Army Group
06/11/2013 – TBC
04/02/2013 – Christmas Dinner
08/01/2013 – Good News in the Ards Peninsula Donald Coulter
05/02/2013 – A Unique Way to Study the Bible David Curry
05/03/2013 – The Life and Times of Victor and Sheila Spindler
02/04/2013 – Andrew Roycroft Millisle Baptist
07/05/2013 – Social Event

Click here for more information, or speak to Roy Douds.