Pakistan – Prayer Request – 13th May 2011


I have an urgent request! I don’t know if our church people realise but the place where Bin Laden was found was just a short distance away from our Operation Mercy (another part of OM) office and I have been on that street at least 4 times in the last 2 years!

PRAY for our team in a place called Charsadda ( near PESHAWAR) where a lot of relief work is bring done by O.M. Noel visited this area last October but was horrified to hear on the news today ( May 13 )  that almost 100 people have been killed by the Taliban in the very area where our relief work is being done. There is one very small Evangelical church there. PAKISTAN Christians are being persecuted now more than ever before – churches have been burnt down and many homes of Christians destroyed in recent weeks!

Pray especially for two PERSONAL close friends of Noel. One called ROBIN has escaped to Malaysia where he has applied for asylum and the other called VICTOR escaped to the UK a few weeks ago. Both of these young men were fearless in their witnessing in Pakistan but had received SO many death treats in recent months that they were advised to leave Pakistan immediately. It will be very difficult for them to get asylum on the grounds of having been threatened with death as believers – neither Muslin Malaysia or Godless Britain will be sympathetic! Much prayer needed!