Philip & Rachel Moore – April 2012

Eglise de Lagny

Pray for our week of evangelism with the Institut Biblique Belge. It’s going well (we’re half-way through) – so pray that the remaining events will go well, that the right people will come and that people will hear the gospel.

Orly Parc – this is a housing estate near the church. We have been visiting the people, chatting with them, doing door-to-door, a children’s club and we’ll be back today with video cameras. We’re hoping many will come to our event on Friday night particularly for them.

Questionnaires, videos, conversations around the stations and in the markets are going well.

We’re visiting the old-people’s home tomorrow

We have our third à la bonne franquette on Saturday – there is a lot of interest, so pray that I will proclaim the gospel clearly and faithfully.

Val d’Europe is exciting. Pray for time to plan the next steps.

The AGM went well – thank God for good unity on the proposals and a growing, talented and enthusiastic team that is taking shape, with good emphasis on fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, church-planting, mission, local and global presence throughout the diversity of gifts that God has given us.

Thanks for praying as always.