Prayer for Christian prisoners in Iran


How To Pray For Christian Prisoners in Iran

There are at least 25 Christians still in prison in Iran because of their faith.  The most important thing we can do is pray.  One believer who was imprisoned and released recently said that she felt the presence of people praying with her. This shows again that prayer works. Below Sam Yeghnazar, Elam’s director, shares from his heart how he believes we should pray for those in prison at this time.

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Letter from Sam Yeghnazar:

Dear friends,

Last week I had a very strong leading to pray specifically for the prisons in Iran. Prison is a place that people dread. This is where our brothers and sisters are suffering. It is where they win victories or suffer defeat. So it would be good to start from prison. I felt that in our intercession we should gain victory over the prisons and spiritually plunder them.

How should we pray?

Pray for the Christian prisoners:

  • That they put on the whole ‘Armour of God’ and are alert and ready for any attack.
  • Are mentally prepared that the interrogators will tell them lies, accuse them and their friends of things they have NOT said or done.
  • Put their trust wholly in the Lord.  And in no way give room to fear-knowing that God’s promises are true and He will never leave nor forsake them. Pray they will see miracles.
  • That the Lord will give them compassion towards their persecutors.
  • That they will be given the right words to speak and receive words of knowledge.
  • That they will be able to place into the Lord’s hands their families and loved ones, also any church members for whom they have been responsible.
  • That they will witness to other prisoners.

Pray for their Persecutors:

  • That God will revive their consciences, so they will be convicted of wrongdoing.  That they will not harm the prisoners.
  • That they will be fear stricken and dread will cover them, so they will dread to harm the prisoners.
  • That their reasoning with the prisoners becomes impaired and that they will realize what they are doing is wrong.
  • That they will call upon the Lord to forgive them and like the jailor in Philippi ask “what shall I do to be saved?”

Pray for other Prisoners:

  • That they will hear the message of salvation clearly.
  • That the Holy Spirit will convict them that they are sinners too.
  • That they will repent and receive salvation.