Sam Cowan Update – March 2014

Sam Cowan

We all know what has been happening recently with Ukraine and Russia, but do we think of the impact it has upon Russian and Ukrainian seafarers especially as they work together on board the same ship.

Some of the ships that I have visited recently in Belfast have had Russian and Ukrainian Officers with tensions beginning to rise between the officers and the rest of the crew especially Filipino being caught in the middle.

Please pray for these seafarers as they are away from home and family wondering if the violence will escalate.

I told a number of Ukrainian officers that I was praying for them, their family and their country and while they appreciated the thought some said that they felt it was too late to pray for the Ukraine.

I believe it is not too late for our God and Saviour as we believe He is in control.

I also ask you to pray that I will be able to use this opportunity for His glory.

Some will remember a Turkish Engineer who came to faith by reading the Scriptures. Jimmy also asked that we would pray that God would direct him to the right house group or church which would help him grow in his faith.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to connect up through Skype with a house group that he attends. This was a really marvellous experience to see and talk to this new house group meeting in his home town.

Please pray for this group.  I have been invited to conduct one of the Bible studies with the whole group when a suitable time can be arranged.

Please pray for their safety and that the group will grow in the Lord.

Also thank the Lord for His goodness in bringing this group into Jimmy’s life.