Upcoming Events for Lads, Dads & Granddads

After a great night at the Chinese and Bowling, with a great mix of lads, dads and grandads, there are a few more events to whet your appetite (in more ways than one).  Not surprisingly they all include food!

Tuesday 6th November – Curry Night with Shane Logan

Held during the Free For All programme, this is a great night for you and your friends, family and colleagues who are interested in good food and a good life story.  Shane Logan is the CEO of Ulster Rugby, who has seen great success on and off the pitch over the past few years.  Shane will be sharing a few more moments of his life, including how we became CEO of Ulster Rugby, and how his life was dramatically changed by encountering Jesus.  This will be held in Phezulu Restaurant, above Red Berry.

£15 for 2 tickets, one for you and one for your guest.  Tickets will be available from the Lads Dads & Granddads committee.

Saturday 10th November – Mandate

Every year a group of men go to Mandate in the Waterfront.  For more information and tickets speak to Archie McAvoy or Paul Brown.

Saturday 24th November – City Airport Tour & Fry

A great chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at George Best Belfast City Aiport, with CEO Brian Ambrose leading the tour.  The morning will also include a full breakfast, and a chance to hear more about Brian’s life and how his faith in God has impacted and transformed him.

The tickets to this morning are free, but you need to have a ticket.

We hope to see you along, in the meantime congratulations to Rhys Loftus who won the Bowling with a score of 159.  Special mention to Shaun Goldthorpe who thought Soy Sauce was chocolate sauce and applied generously to his ice-cream, and then left the Ice bowl wearing his bowling shoes, only realising half way on the way home to Bangor.  He is young but he will learn.