Youth Impact – Pure

We are bombarded daily with what the world thinks about relationships, from films to magazines to what our friends think. But have you ever wondered what God said about relationships?

Join us as we explore God’s good and perfect design, as we dig into what it means to be male and female, what it means to be made in God’s image, and what it means to honour him in our relationships.

The topics we’re covering will be

O1 Pure Perfection
The way we were – created as perfect men and women, created to relate to God and each other perfectly

O2 Pure Rebellion
It all went pear-shaped – the fall, rebellion and consequences on sex and relationships

O3 Pure Planets
Complete in Christ – how He has redeemed us and how we should relate to each other in our new family

O4 Pure Sex
Grace and godliness – what does being a ‘pure’ sexual man or woman look like?

O5 Pure Gifts
Free gift for all! – thinking about singleness and marriage

O6 Pure Forgiveness
Grace and forgiveness – the cross in the love life. Question time, too!

Would love to have you along.

As well as the course there are also some books we recommend to go along with the course, which are available to buy from the Youth Office

Pure – Linda Marshall. £8 slashed to £5

Not even a hint – Joshua Harris. £9 slashed to £6

The Relationship Revolution – Nigel Pollock. £8 slashed to £5

Cherished – Rachel Gardner. £8 slashed to £5

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